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Matches or lighter?

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Matches or lighter?

Postby Geo3rge » Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:58 pm

Preferred light, anyone?
I'm all for lighters as I have problems with the odour of some matches; they literally make me nauseous. A couple of alternatives have been OKish, but I'm almost exclusively a lighter man.
I've recently treated myself to a Peterson lighter (recommended by 'StuffnThings' on YouTube). A good piece of technology, simple to use, fill and replace flints. It holds a good amount of gas and, so far, I've filled up only every ten days or so, which is fantastic compared to an old one that leaked out within three days.
I also like a Zippo; despite the odd odour it is a great lighter. I tend to use it after initial lighting with a normal one and, of course, its great for outdoor use, provided there isn't a strong wind, when I've found the flame can be blown all over the place.
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Re: Matches or lighter?

Postby KevinP » Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:08 am

Butane lighters, all the way.

Was warned years ago to avoid paper matches because of the chemicals, but that wooden ones won't impart any weird taste. In a pinch, okay, but they're a hassle, especially when starting a bowl.

Zippos never really did it for me--not the taste so much as the technique. Sure I could get used to it, but butane lighters are just so simple that I'll reach for one instead.
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Re: Matches or lighter?

Postby FlakedOut » Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:57 am

I think matches are out in winter - mine just got too damp, but that's probably 'cos I stored them in the car boot (Doh!)
Here's what I've used for several years now;


Cost only £1 each, lasts a reasonable time before (gas) filling, really dinky and the cartoony label peels right off... ;)
Bought 20 the last time I found them...
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Re: Matches or lighter?

Postby KevLa » Thu Dec 08, 2016 5:10 am

I use both a Zippo pipe lighter and matches, depending upon which is most suited to the task and situation :)
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Re: Matches or lighter?

Postby TigerJack » Sun Jan 22, 2017 1:33 am

Butane lighters , single flame torch lighters are OK if your "very" careful , mainly just common Bic lighters.
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Re: Matches or lighter?

Postby Nomad » Fri May 19, 2017 9:14 pm

Swan Vesta for the charring light, then a Peterson lighter for the rest. I used to use matches all the time when I first started, but it got a bit tedious when a bowl needed several relights, so I splashed out on the Peterson.

Steve, I like the StuffNThings channel - Bradley's a good lad who's much more engaging than many. Found it through his series of beginner's videos, and I like his baccy reviews. Have you seen his vid about the little compartment in the base of the Peterson lighters? Unscrew the ring around the valve recess, and the baseplate comes off - plenty of room inside to stash spare flints.
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