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Peterson v. Old Boy

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Re: Peterson v. Old Boy

Postby ratatosk » Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:57 am

A few things-

First, both Old Boy and Peterson are made in Japan. Second, Peterson has a 5 year warranty.

I know this because I have a Peterson which was fine for 6 months, then flopped over and would not light except when it felt like it. The enamel finish also failed in spots. No warranty info was in the box, so I contacted the vendor, smokingpipes, and they opened every Peterson that they had and never found any warranty info. So they contacted the US distributor, Ashton, who assured them that the warranty is 5 years. They gave me an RO and said to send the lighter to a jeweler in California who would replace it and then send mine on to Japan because they wanted to evaluate the coating failure. By that time, I had an Old Boy and never followed up.

btw, when you buy stuff out of Europe for shipment to the US, the VAT is not applied, so that is not a consideration. On some sites, it's just not subtracted until you are ready to check out.
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