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Re: Guantanamo

Postby kats » Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:04 pm

It's pretty clear to me that right now there are really only three things that really matter to the American people as a whole...

1. Jobs

2. Jobs

3. Jobs

After these three priorities are met, we can then move on to other topics of importance... in no particular order... like maybe...
Taxes - they are always too high for me - someone else should pay their fair share (more than me). Business - especially big business -evil - 'little guy' victim. ugh!
Entitlement programs - I want mine, but should not have to pay for someone else that might be getting theirs.
Military - I want to be safe, but don't want to pay for it and don't want to be a major player in the world scene - can't we take care of ourselves first, and can't we all just play together nicely? I've got it... if we just ban guns and extreme political talk, then all violence (like the recent shooting in Arizona) would stop.
Health Care - I want them to take care of me, and it better be the very best quality regardless of cost, but I don't want to pay for it - isn't everyone entitled to free health care? .. doesn't it say that somewhere in the constitution? We should be able to choose to abort a child... after all it is rather inconvenient to choose contraception and abstinence before conception - and I do have my right to choose for myself!
The environment - shouldn't every place be fields of flowers and rainbows, with unicorns and glitter - but of course I want all the stuff I want, and at a cheap price (organic, of course - but isn't all food 'organic'?') Mink oil for pipes anyone? Global warming?? When I was in elementary school, the topic of choice was the coming cyclical ice age.
Energy - we've got enough coal and oil for years on US soil, but let's use others oil first - then we can have all of ours for... us.
The list goes on, and on...

With all that, what we are really saying is me! me! me!
It really is all about me isn't it? Sad.

Maybe when I'm elected President... :idea:
I promise... new __(insert brand of choice here)__ pipes and full cellars of ___(insert brand of choice here)___ for all....
(we'll figure out how to pay for it later).
There are three kinds of people in this world... those who can add and those who can't.
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Re: Guantanamo

Postby Hermit » Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:09 pm

HappySquareHead wrote:Try them or release them to whatever country they came from.

Easy to say "try them." A civilian court would probably
throw out most of the "evidence" against them.
Most of the ones we released went straight back to the jihad.
(with the exception of the Weegers, who now run a restaurant in Bermuda.) :lol:

HappySquareHead wrote:Why is it that after over 200 years our constitution is no longer able to deal with criminals?

We deal with "criminals" just fine. These people are not criminals;
they are enemy combatants. They should be held until the "War on Terror" is "over."
Make America Great Again
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Re: Guantanamo

Postby Bob » Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:14 am

HappySquareHead wrote:

The two differences between those groups and today is that the potential of 3000 people being killed in a single event (a potential which always existed) has been realized; and the suspects in question are non-US citizens. This makes it easier to deny them constitutional rights.'

I believe the differences between those two groups is that terrorists of the past are fundamentally different than the radical Islamic terrorsts of today. You can't compare one man (or a few people) to an organized well funded group of people that attack America. The "terrorists" at Gitmo are combatants of war, not criminals. And they were captured in circumstances that proves they were participating in acts of war against the United States. Too damn bad for them.
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