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Rules for Master Debators

Friendly and intelligent discussion about politics and other controversial topics takes place here. No rules yet. Enter at your own risk. You must request to join "controversy" user group to use this forum.

Rules for Master Debators

Postby eric » Wed May 01, 2013 8:25 pm

Master Debaters is an off topic forum for discussing and arguing ...err debating controversial issues that do not belong anywhere on the rest of the forum.

It is not an anything-goes forum for posting needlessly offensive or provocative content. For example, posting something stingingly critical of a politician would pass, but making fun of their children would not. There is no way to codify every possible example of what is and is not okay. I am not going to try. Instead I just ask that you be gentlemen (or ladies) about what you post.

Thick skin will be required, not only because you'll be subjected to welcome disagreement with your views, but also because the moderation here may not always seem objective or fair.

If you discover that your post has been quietly deleted or edited, that was probably me. It doesn't mean there are any strikes against you or that you are in trouble. It just means that I decided it was somehow needlessly offensive or provocative. This is where your thick skin comes in.

Until I can come up with something better, that's how it'll go. But don't worry, I'm usually more inclined to leave something that moderate it. And most examples of "needlessly offensive or provocative" that aren't covered elsewhere by the forum rules will likely involve something along the lines of attacking the innocent.

It is opt-in - you must choose to view this part of the forum.

I welcome all suggestions and help with creating a set of rules that makes sense and matches the desires of the membership. Feel free to offer suggestions below.

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