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What else do you smoke?

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Re: What else do you smoke?

Postby calipuffer » Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:17 am

I try to get a cigar in once per week. Recently a friend dropped by and while enjoying our pipes before a firepit he mentioned that at work a few of the guys have been smoking Backwoods and he happened to have a pouch. I was surprised like I was with OTC tobacco, not great, but not bad either. Made me realize that I never went through the OTC or machine made cigars phase, just direct to premiums. With ruling out homogenized tobacco leaf (paper) and going only with tobacco (short leaf) I acquired 6 brands ring gauge 36 and under. Still happy with the results of such low cost cigar/cigarillos, and the small size is a different experience.
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Re: What else do you smoke?

Postby Smitty » Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:07 pm

^^^ You'd probably like Garcia & Vegas then too Calipuffer.

I smoke cigarettes and cigars as well. I've been trying to stop the cigarettes completely but I'm not having much luck. I usually enjoy cigars when I'm driving. I like Backwoods and various types of the Garcia & Vega brand. They're nothing special but they are pretty good for drug store cigars imo.

I've cut back a lot on the cigs but I still need to smoke them first thing in the morning and later at night for some reason. Oh, and after meals I need one too. I tried snuff in place of them at those times but it didn't work. I'm just weak willed. :lol:

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