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First Pipe?

If its about the fine hobby of pipe smoking but not specific to one of the other forums post about it here.

First Pipe?

Postby Geo3rge » Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:06 pm

Can you remember your very first pipe?
Mine was either a Falcon or an Alco, I think. It was around 1975 at the grand age of 19 years, or thereabouts. The reason I'm dithering with doubt is that it is over 40 years ago!
I can remember being excited at filling and lighting it; but also having nerves buying it as I seemed so young and naive at the time - not much has changed with the latter, I think.
The big problem, however, was that I couldn't get the pipe to remain alight. Goodness, it was difficult.

I persevered and managed to enjoy smoking it eventually. The beginning of a long love affair...
Tobacco was St. Bruno as it was a popular brand then, more widespread than now and I had plenty of opportunity to see pipe smokers and learn from them by watching.

I still love SB and the Falcon style.

How about your good selves? First pipe memories...
Moi, fumer une pipe, naturellement...
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