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Does taste differ with different pipes?

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Does taste differ with different pipes?

Postby Geo3rge » Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:33 pm

Been thinking lately - do members think different pipe materials affect taste?
Probably the answer is obvious - or is it?
Fellow pipers here were discussing how blends differ in both briar and meerschaum. I have several pipes in which the smoke definitely seems a sweeter, more enjoyable experience and where elements and flavour within the tobacco can be detected more easily or clearly. But the variables are so many.

All sorts of factors here - briar age, briar density, briar region, briar that has been broken in (or not), cleanliness of pipe, method of packing the bowl, even the lighting, the tobacco and its age, cut, condition and so on, climate, pre-carbonized bowl or not, quality control of the manufacturer, storage conditions in a shop, factory, or at home, etc etc. Gosh, the list could be extensive. So many influential elements...
Anyway, a few thoughts. See what you think...

Have enjoyed each pipe this weekend, which has been an old-fashioned one for me, quite rare now, when I had no official appointments and decided to take the time off, as it were. A tonic before the week begins.

Have a good week ahead of you and happy smoking, all.
Moi, fumer une pipe, naturellement...
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