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Disappointing pipes?

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Disappointing pipes?

Postby Geo3rge » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:42 pm

Bought any pipes that disappointed?
You may have made an heroic attempt to like them or just smoke them but, somehow, they haven’t made the grade and have, instead, become a bit of a dead weight?
Or, they looked fine in the online catalogue but, once delivered, the reality was different?
And what about that pipe which gurgles incessantly or can’t take a pipe cleaner down the stem?

A fine looking pipe (ie in the catalogue photo) from a Greek maker (and I have a few other excellent pipes from him) proved very difficult to smoke as the stem was unnaturally bent at a peculiar angle; the draw was very restricted. And getting a cleaner down it proved absolutely impossible. Needless to say the offending briar has been confined to the back of the cupboard.
Another from a European maker has proven disappointing as it was just too small in every way, from bowl to length of stem. That’s my own fault. I didn’t check the dimensions when ordering.
And, thirdly, a secondhand briar proved to be useless from the start when I took my first puffs and clenched and bit through the mouthpiece which, I felt, had been restored a little too judiciously with buffing. After reporting the case, the sellers, who were polite but insistent, reported that their secondhands didn’t carry warranty. I got a UK maker to fit a new stem.

Any sad tales to tell?
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