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My tobacco (mostly Lats) for your VAs?

This is for the box passes or if you have something you'd like to trade, post about it here.

My tobacco (mostly Lats) for your VAs?

Postby szyzk » Thu Nov 19, 2015 7:13 pm

Are you a Lat fiend? Great! I've noticed over the past year that my tastes have slowly moved away from being Lat-heavy to smoking them only sparingly. I have a handful of favorites that I'm well stocked on, but I also have a lot of random tins or overstock of some that I just won't get to and there's no sense in sitting on them.

So, I'd like to trade! Before I go any further, and since I'm new here, I'm happy to provide references. Between active message boards (I've lost probably 100+ positive transactions on boards that are no longer online) I have 100% positive rating across well over 300 buy/sell/trade transactions, as well as over 300 100% positive eBay transactions. That said, you don't know me, so I'm willing, as long as you're in good standing, to ship first.

Now to the fun stuff. I'm looking for VAs that I can put down to age. You could potentially blow me away by trading me my favorites, like any heavily-scented Lakeland GH&Co's (Ennerdale! Grasmere!), Capstan, Hamborger Veermaster, my favorite Gawiths (FVF, MVF, 1792, Grousemoor), Rotary, Pete's Irish, Hyde Park, or University Flake, any of the Former's Flakes, Royal Yacht, any of the Peter Heinrichs' blends, Marlin Flake and HOTW, Reiner LGF, the Wessex Flakes. That said, I'm just as happy with bulk flakes & coins like the PS Luxury blends, Newminster 400 & 403, and Comoy's 4 or 7. Anything along the lines of what I listed would send me over the moon.

Below is the list of what I have, followed by either the date I brought it home or the code from the tin. I'm not looking to up-value my stuff based on the age, instead I'm happy trading by weight or current cost from the larger retail sites.

I'm not sure when PMs open up for new members so I'm happy to discuss trades in this thread. And, thanks for looking!

Balkan Sasieni 50g 06/13
Balkan Sasieni 50g 12/13
Balkan Sobranie 50g 1/15
Balkan Sobranie 50g 3/15
Balkan Sobranie 50g 3/15
C&D #302 Apples & Cream 2oz 01/13
C&D #666 Black Bourbon 2oz 08/12
C&D Captain Earle’s Mystic Blend 2oz ??? (a number is written but it makes no sense)
C&D Mississippi Mud 2oz 04/12
Drew Estate Meat Pie 50g 08/13
Drew Estate Meat Pie 50g 08/13
Former’s 50th Anniversary Jubilee 50g 03/09
Former’s 50th Anniversary Jubilee 50g 03/09
GLP Chelsea Morning 2oz 09/11
GLP Meridian 2oz 10/11
GLP Meridian 2oz 10/11
GLP Odyssey 2oz 12/11
GLP Odyssey 2oz 08/12
GLP Piccadilly 2oz 12/11
GLP Quiet Nights 8oz 10/11
H&H Daybreak 2oz 09/10
H&H IPSD 2012 (Cerebus) 01/12
H&H Larry’s Blend 8oz 12/12
Lane Medal of Valor 50g 9/15
MacBaren Latakia Blend 2oz 90’s-era (Martin Bros. distributor)
McClelland Arcadia 50g 2011
McClelland British Woods 100g 2014
McClelland CPCC Caramel Rush 50g 2011
McClelland Orient 996 50g 2012
McClelland Orient 996 50g 2012
McClelland Syrian Full Balkan 50g 2004
McClelland Wilderness 50g 2 2011
Sillem’s European Blend London 50g 12/12
Sutliff Westminster 1.5oz 12/12
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