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Skype Information

Skype Information

Postby eric » Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:55 pm

I have created a Skype account specifically for interacting with the pipe smoking community.

My handle is:


When you add me, please be sure to mention pipe smoking in the request message.

Feel free to leave a voice mail, however if you leave a voice mail please know that I may record it and use it publicly in a video, live stream, or some other type of online public content. This would be the case mostly with questions and that sort of thing. If you leave me a voice mail and DO NOT want it used publicly specify that in your message. Of course, if you are calling to tell me the site crashed (a great reason to call me) that would likely remain between us.

Please do not use Skype to contact me about account or login problems or to report spam. I have a difficult time copy and pasting voice into text. That sort of thing is better handled with email or private messages.

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