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White mould? on my baccy help

Discuss or ask questions about pipe tobacco, pipe tobacco storage and aging, blending, etc.

Re: White mould? on my baccy help

Postby ratatosk » Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:45 pm

medwin wrote:Any bulk box that I purchase from now on is getting opened and the contents are going straight into mason jars!

I am leery even of the foil bags. I just don't see those as being air tight, at least for years.

If you mean the foil bags like Esoterica blends come in, I think that they are rated good for 15 years, but of course that could be nonsense.

But I am not so sure about jars either- a mason jar is designed for little old ladies to put up canned stuff during the summer to be enjoyed during the winter, it was never intended to store anything for a decade. Even if you go through the exercise of vacuum sealing, eventually the seal is going to fail. Just like a wine cork will eventually fail.

That said, the boxed stuff needs to be jarred within a year or so and tins need to be monitored now and again. The main thing is to store in a dark place that is on the cool side and has little temperature variation I think.
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Re: White mould? on my baccy help

Postby Geo3rge » Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:55 pm

Excellent post, Richard. Lots of good things to take note of and act upon. I must admit that some of my tobacco in Kilner jars has remained fresh and smokeable for up to two years since first jarring. How long thereafter is anyone's guess at the moment.
I like the advice about storing in dark, cool and stable conditions.
The question remains as to how long one wishes to keep tobacco before actually smoking it. I'm reckoning on about five years as that rings a bell with me from someone, somewhere in the past. But I cannot give any direct evidence for that estimation.
A pipe friend here in the U.K. had the recent opportunity to smoke some 40 year old St. Bruno Flake, kept in its original wrapping. The result was quite a disaster, even after rehydrating. It seems the tobacco had lost virtually any merit (and virtue) over that time. No mould or any kind of degeneration, just a complete lack of taste and subtlety; smoking sawdust came to mind.
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