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After all these years, finally getting the hang of burleys

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After all these years, finally getting the hang of burleys

Postby KevinP » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:03 am

Don't know exactly when i started smoking a pipe. Bought one, and then another, well before I was ready to become a 'smoker.' But if this year isn't my 30th anniversary, it must be next year.

During this time, I've tried a few burley-based blend. By no means did I hate them, but mostly I was just apathetic to them. Once cellaring became a thing, I'd try a bowl every now and then and then dump the rest into jars that got pushed to the back of the shelves.

What changed is the second Ardor I posted about in the recent past. Although an estate, it had been professionally cleaned to the point where I was essentially breaking in a new pipe. And it wasn't going well. Although I've broken in many new pipes over the years (mostly by smoking whatever I wanted to smoke in them until a cake developed), this one just wasn't working for me. I was trying stronger and stronger flavours but just wasn't tasting them.

Then I remembered how burley is often suggested as ideal break-in tobacco. As I said, I prefer to smoke what I would smoke anyway--not choose a blend based on some teleological function--but it seemed to be doing the trick. I kept at it, and voila!, I started to appreciate these blends for their own merits.

They haven't unseated virginias and virginia-based blends as my preference, but they've found a way into my rotation.

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