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Peterson Signature Flake

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Peterson Signature Flake

Postby Geo3rge » Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:34 pm

I have recently discovered this. Rather, it was bought last year and has remained unopened until this week.
Absolutely lovely tobacco, Virginias from Brazil and Africa, I think. There is a sweetness and mellowness to it that is very appealing and it could become a regular with me. Like St. Bruno, it doesn't demand a lot, is easy on the palate and has a good taste that isn't overpowering in any one area.
Very pleased I opened the tin and had a go. It is now jarred up and will be further enjoyed.

Also, Clan has made a comeback! I last smoked this around thirty years ago. I was given a 50g pack recently and decided to have it as my allotment smoke. It smokes fine. It just needs packing in tighter and denser, and it burns cool and sweet. Very good smoke whilst digging, hoeing etc. Quite surprised at how much I'm liking it. It has a mixed reception, I feel, but for me, it's become an easy-going winner.
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