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C&D Cordial

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C&D Cordial

Postby KevinP » Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:15 am

C&D's Cordial
'A smooth blend of Virginia, Turkish, Latakia and black Cavendish.'

I recently took advantage--twice in fact--of 4Noggin's C&D bulk sale. Really, there are 11 new blends, all but one new-to-me, sitting on my shelves, ranging from 2oz to 16, most being 4s and 8s.

Cordial impresses. It's described as similar to Dunhill's Aperitif/ I tried a tin the Lane production once, in such a situation that I knew I wouldn't get it again for some time, so I enjoyed it, but that was well over ten years ago. I have a tin of the recent production still unopened. It would be unfair, and probably inaccurate, for me to compare this to that memory. Given the synonymy of the names, it's safe to assume Cordial is an intentional copy, but I'd also prefer to review on its own merits anyway.

As such, it excels. I got 8oz of this one and wish I'd ordered 16. I'm not enamored of reviews that use words like 'creamy' as they only make sense after you've tried the blend, but that word does fit.

I don't need lat bombs, but I do want the latakia upfront. Here it sits right on the border. Any less and I'd find it wanting. Any more and it'd dominate, which could still be good but there's a level of perfection in it now.

The whole blend is complex, in that you can isolate the different elements on your taste buds, yet unified, in that the elements come together to form one taste. That last comment is not something you'll see a lot in other reviewer's comments on any blend, but it's something that's important to me.

Looking forward to trying Aperitif again for the comparison (my memory is that was a little weaker in the latakia department), but definitely enjoying this one for what it is.

Available in bulk only if I'm not mistaken.
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