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Jim's C&D Carolina Red Flake Review.

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Jim's C&D Carolina Red Flake Review.

Postby JimInks » Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:17 pm

It's available June 10. 2,400 tins will be produced. I was asked to review it, so here's my thoughts on the tobacco.

Several 2015 North Carolina grown red Virginias are processed into a very easily broken apart flake to suit your packing preference, and for a better burn rate than what some flake blends offer. It’s very tangy, dark fruit sweet with a lot of earth, some woodiness, very mild grass, natural sugar and citrus notes, along with slightly more than mild spice. The first thing that hits you as you light up is the tangy sweetness and earth, which are the main features of the flavors. The other attributes I mentioned quickly show themselves, and remain all throughout the proceedings. The nic-hit is just a shade past being mild. The strength is just a little closer to medium than it is to mild. The taste is right at the medium level.

Not a complex product, but there’s enough variety going on to hold your interest as the flavor is fairly smooth and very consistent from start to finish. I say “fairly smooth” only because the much appreciated earth and spice continually underscores the inherently tangy sweetness of the reds. Burns at a moderate pace, cool and clean with no dull or harsh spots. Won’t bite even if pushed, though I recommend a slow cadence in order to fully savor the experience. Easily burns to ash, and requires just a few relights. Leaves a light dampness in the bowl. The tangy after taste very pleasantly lingers a little, and the room note is a little sweet. Can be an all day smoke if you wish.
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